Friday, October 10, 2014


Last month Luke Jay, Greg Abrahamson, Casey Hill, and Jason Michalak all ran the run rabbit run 100 mile run in Steamboat Colorado. We got three guys across the finish line! Jason had a full body shut down at mile 85 (ouch!)...and was sick for 2 weeks after the race. Read Luke's race report here.

Huge thanks to the project sponsors! SWIFTWICK for the best socks and keeping our feet happy. CHAMPION SYSTEM for our sweet custom kits. LIFEPROOF for keeping our phones in one piece and taking pictures in any weather.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dirty Kanza Report (ADAM VAUGHAN)

It was going pretty well for a while but around mile 190 I just ran out of gas. Nothing really seemed to help so I just kept going and watched my speed slowly tick down. Eventually I saw the university ahead and you could hear the noise from the crowds at the finish line block party. That gave me the boost I needed. The last leg took 3:27. My official finish time was 12:57.
(read the rest here!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

we aim to please (and enjoy)

PATRICK VALENTINE takes the overall win at Xterra LoganSport (Indiana) 
JASON HILGERS  takes 2nd place single speed and 9th overall at the Bailey Hundo (100mile mtb)
TRAPPER  takes the WIN at the E-ROCK "dawn to dusk" mtb race (covering 154miles)

Thanks to amazing support from CHAMPION SYSTEM clothing, SCOTT bikes, SWIFTWICK socks, LIFEPROOF adventure proof cases. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

give me a five

wham and bam...its June already.   The AP has been busy and done some pretty rad stuff already (at least our moms are proud of us)!   Trapper kicked ass and covered 154 miles in the "dawn to dusk" mtb race at E-Rock....Wade and Adam did the epic DIRTY KANZA and both finished 200 miles of gravel in sub 13hrs...dang.  Luke and Greg just wrapped up the Ultimate Mountain Challenge at the huge GOPRO games in Vail. They raced 4 events in two days (kayak, mtb, trail run, road tt) to finish a solid 6th and 7th overall in a very fast pro field. Jason is racing the Bailey Hundo in his SS, Patrick has some XTERRA triathlons coming up. Sean Fey kicks on his quest for leadman with the leadville trail marathon this weekend.   #SEEKANDENJOY

-1st place overall team (ADVENTURE EXTREME MOAB)
-1st Place SOLO MALE (E-Rock dawn to dusk MTB race...154miles)
-6th & 7th place overall for GO-PRO mountain games in Vail (ultimate mountain challenge)

-2 sub 13hr finishers for the Dirty Kanza (200mile gravel road race)
-3rd place at ANTI-EPIC (169mile gravel grinder)

2014 Team SCHEDULE:
Bailey Hundo (100 mile MTB)  -JUNE 14th
Leadville Marathon  -June 14th
Xterra Richmond - June 15th
Silver Rush Mtb race (Leadville) -July13th
Xterra beaver creek - July 19th
Xterra aspen valley - July 26th
Mt Warner 50k -JUly 26th
LEADVILLE 100 mtb- Aug 10th
LEADVILLE 100 run -Aug   16th
BRECK EPIC (mtb) -AUG 10-15
Colorado Trail Race (500miles)  -AUG
Glenwood adventure race - September 6th
RUN Rabbit RUN (100miles) -Sept 13th
Xterra Nationals (utah) - September 20th

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

kicking off 2014

Hot off a team trip to Moab to get a little sun and fitness. Lots of white thighs and high fives...Minivans and sun-tans. Patrick Valentine and Luke Jay even took home the team win at the Adventure Extreme Moab adventure race on saturday. Here is a little update for everyone. 2014 is looking to be awesome!  Here are just a few events we will be tackling this year.

Leadman series 
Adventure Extreme Moab (1st place team)
E-rock sunrise to sunset (mtb)
Bailey HUNDO, June 7th
Run Rabbit Run 100mile run (sept)
Silver Rush 50 mtb, July 12th
Leadville 100, August 10th
Gorge river 50k run
Colorado Trail Race 
Grand Junction Off Road, Aug 29-31
Dirty Durango Century (100 mile MTB)
Breck 100 (100 mile MTB)
Vaport Trail 125 (125 mile MTB)
Coconino stage race (250 mile MTB)
Laramie Enduro MTB (70 miles)
BRECK EPIC (stage race)

Also giving our own WILL KELSAY a little big shout out. After Xterra Vegas he is off to Europe. Here is his international schedule....dang son!
  • April 13: XTERRA West Championship - Las Vegas, NV
  • April 26: Lost Worlds Ultramarathon - Tuscany Crossing
  • May 25: XTERRA Spain Championship
  • June 1: XTERRA Portugal Championship 
  • June 21: XTERRA Greece Championship
  • June 28: XTERRA Switzerland Championship 
  • July 6: XTERRA France Championship 
  • July 20: XTERRA Ireland Championship
  • July 26: XTERRA Italy Championship 
  • August 9: XTERRA Czech Championship 
  • August 16: XTERRA Germany Championship 
  • August 31: XTERRA Denmark Championship
  • September 20: XTERRA USA Championship
also check out his great review of the new SCOTT 900SL.

for 2014 We are so very happy to have the support and sponsorship of these brands:
-CHAMPION SYSTEM custom clothing
-SWIFTWICK socks and accessories
-LIFEPROOF phone cases