Monday, February 11, 2013

seek and enjoy

Here at the adrenaline project we love to mix it up...two of our team members are doing just that.
Will Kelsay just competed in the dirty dozen 12hr mtb race and Jason Michalak recently tried his hand at some fat bike racing in Crested Butte. Out of the people that I know and love  (and don't love) I will say these two guys love racing no matter what it is. 100 miles or a 5k...they are down to suffer. A couple years ago we called Will last minute to come race with us during the adventure racing national championships. He got back from Xterra worlds the day before....drove to Moab...slept 3 hrs...and then raced his face off for 26hrs with us, and was pretty much stoked the whole time! He did fall asleep once on his bike but luckily i was "towing" him so he didn't even crash. Jason is the hairy beast that doesn't shave (like most endurance geeks) but will crush people...he loves being in the mountains and will literally giggle with little girl excitement at any cool race or adventure. He is always hatching plans for crazy epic rides and runs. Keep it up dudes and thanks for kicking off 2013 proper.

Read about Will's 3rd place finish in Texas here...

Some cool video from the race (not him)...

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