Saturday, March 16, 2013

warming up

"Seek and Enjoy"'s a play on the classic "seek and destroy". But happier and It fits our "mission statement" as a collective of endurance athletes. We are all gearing up for the season to start, pound our legs, and race our face's off. Racing and training is what we love. Spending time in the Colorado mountains is truly a gift.

Here is a quick snapshot on what we are all gearing up for. WILL KELSAY, PATRICK VALENTINE, and JASON MICHALAK are all hard at work getting ready for the XTERRA pro national tour. Most will kick of the season at XTERRA Las Vegas. TRAPPER STIENLE is piling on the bike miles whenever possible (after just having their second kid!) and gearing up for a solid summer of mt endurance racing. Look for him at Leadville as well as the RME races. JASON HILGERS and SEAN FEY have teamed up to tackle the uber tough BRECK EPIC later this summer. They will be both be racing a solid mix of mtb races, xterra , and endurance events in preperation for the big show. Keep and eye out for JASON MICHALAK and LUKE JAY as they tackle the tough AZT300 in arizona starting april 18th...its a 300 mile self supported mtb race along the AZ border.

***Also check out our instagram page....instagram is a rad platform for capturing pics of everyday training and playing. Follow along with us for good times.   Instagram: theadrenalineproject

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